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Nucamp Review

Nucamp Review nucamp.co instructor

If you aren’t already familiar with #100DaysOfCode, please check it out. They have an official website to learn more about the challenge. Basically it’s the best thing I’ve endeavored to do in the last few years with my free time. I wake up genuinely inspired, excited, and ready to take on the challenges of the day because I have this new nerdy thing I get to look forward to everyday. Not only that but I gained 92 followers in that short period on my Twitter account I created specifically for this challenge.

How I chose a coding bootcamp

How I chose a coding bootcamp

With the overwhelming number of options available I’m not entirely sure why I was convinced that spending $10,000+ at UNC Charlotte was a good idea now that I have browsed the area. Codecademy.com is relatively cheap and you get a lot out of it but what it lacks (for me) is meeting new like minded people in the area where we just moved, an instructor I can contact, and project based learning. The project based learning is especially helpful for building a resume in my opinion since getting a degree isn’t something I’m interested in.

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